Lawrence stared down the thirty-six inches of glistening iron in front of him- held in his hand was a brilliant etched blade, three feet in length, the patterns of blood reminding him of the cobblestones he saw earlier this morning. Pointed at the end of his sword was the throat of a terrified thin male. A slim cut was barely noticeable, where the blade poked into his skin. His eyes bulged in fear, sweat dripping down his face.

"You know you are going to die, right?" Lawrence rolled the words off his tongue like the hundred times he did before, gazing back into the quivering eyes of his victim. "You know you're going to pay for that crime, with your life, with no honor"

The man at knifepoint would speak, but he had no words when panic held his mind, knowing there were only a few seconds left to live.

"I figured you had no answer, like the others." His sword held stiff, he quickly turned his head upwards to the skies, as if the gods themselves had the answers currently. They never seemed to answer his unspoken questions, and he always sighed as he knew he had to complete this demand placed upon him.

There was a quiet cough, a gasp for air, the man trying suck down last few pints of air he'd ever breathe. He gulped down that air, choking on it as it slid down his throat.

Lawrence slapped the man in the face with his blade, returning it to his throat, digging the blade in slightly more than before. "Choke."

In a reflex, there was another cough followed by a shriek, pain coursing through his neck. Blood oozed down the side of his neck, mixing in a vile gathering with the sweat that dripped before.

"I said choke!"

Nothing happened. Those bulging eyes stared blank up at Lawrence, mimicking a deer caught in fright. It was the last expression he would ever make, the heft of the sword tilting to a dangerous angle, the blade clearly cutting into his spine.

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