An imaginary college. It was the setting for a lot of Disney movies.

It looks like your ordinary college, but the students are all clean-cut, nicely dressed and well-behaved.

In The Absent-Minded Professor, the college is suffering from a financial crisis. The bad millionaire Alonzo P. Hawk is threatening to take over the college, shut it down, and build housing. Curiously enough, he's a recurring character too, such as in Herbie Rides Again.

Medfield's opposition is Rutledge college. They are always the other team at a sports event. In The Absent-Minded Professor, Brainard put his new chemical Flubber under Medfield's shoes, enabling them to jump over their opponents and win the game.

Medfield reappeared in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, where the school inherits a large big iron computer that fits in a room. A student Dexter Riley, is repairing it when he gets a big shock from the machine, turning his brain into a computer. Yes, it sounds lame, but it was in 1969. It upgraded his memory, allowing him to remember everything he read and think like a machine, also uploading all the data in its drives into his head. It moves him from a low class rank to the Head of the Class. Medfield makes him the lead of Medfield's trivia team, where they compete on the gameshow for a money for the college (as once again they have a financial crisis).

Once more, Medfield returned in the sequels, such as Son of Flubber, where the professor creates Flubbergas. He uses it to make it rain indoors, grow plants, break glass, and save the football team from losing the game.

Medfield is not forgotten, it was in the 1997 remake Flubber, and in the 1995 (much better) made-for-TV The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

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