B9 :)

Music has returned to me.

Since grundoon died, I have not listened to much music. I've sung the Mozart Requiem, I stayed with the chorus, sang at the memorial for her that we had in Port Townsend. I got to spend the California memorial in the hospital, borderline sepsis.

Then my father died, a year ago. Sometime between my mother's birthday, May 31, and June 6. I did not sing at his memorial. I listened to my chorus instead. I didn't speak, but I wrote the eulogy. A musician friend with a beautiful baritone voice read it at my request.

This morning I woke at 2 am and was wide awake.

I've spent the last two hours listening to the recording that my sister and my father and I made. I bought a four hour recording session at a silent auction and surprised Grundoon and my father. About four years ago or maybe it was more. We did two recording sessions. Grundoon and my father played guitar and we all three sang. We made a list and lost it before we got there. We recorded 32 tracks, 31 songs. We did Long Black Veil twice. Apparently I'm ready to organize it and send people copies.

My singing is better than it was then, with the voice lessons. But I don't care, this is the recording I have and the only one I will have of the three of us. Wish I'd done another one, but there it is. At least I have this one.

My father and mother made a tape before she died. They called it MoHo, from their initials. I might still have it. Time to try to preserve it, if I can find it. My mother sounded nervous because she was being recorded. My father was showing off on the tape. Once a group of our choral members started to discuss what they each had sung in Carnegie Hall. I forget what he sang there, but he'd done it. I think it was when he was in prep school at Williston. I was the only one in the group who had not sung in Carnegie Hall. No wonder I felt like an amateur when I joined.

Grundoon put the recording we did of Angel from Montgomery on the podcast. I'll have to dig out which one.

I'm glad music is back.

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