Technically, I'm a day late writing this as well. It's three minutes past the midnight mark and we have penetrated the 31st of May. Bummer.

I spent most of my day sleeping today (actually yesterday), as I got home quite late last night. By the time I woke I had already missed my first two classes and would have been a half hour late for my last. I made the cowardly decision to stay home in my pile of disgusting sweat (it has gotten quite hot here) and try to recall the previous night with some vanilla chai tea.

I had never had vanilla chai tea before today, by the way. It was delicious.

Finding my memories quite satisfactory, I went about the daily business of doing chores, tidying up in general. I have never been very good at organizing but there is a massive huddle of papers in my room composed of past stories and drawings from high school that I really want to sort out. The other day I found a great unfinished 16 page story about an alternate history Soviet Union that I meant to finish but never did. Most of it had been rendered unreadable by some kind of fluid, but there was probably enough to transcribe into something better. Probably.

The story, interestingly, contained the only gay romance I have ever written, between an Ethiopian journalist and his young Russian attache. Only romance ever really. Not much to comment on there.

Good night.

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