Yet again, the American election.

There was a riot last night in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Billed as an anti-Trump demonstration, it quickly turned into a battle with police. Barricades were stormed, missiles were thrown. Pepper spray was deployed, smoke grenades were thrown. 

And of course, depending on what side of the political debate you're on, it's either proof positive that Trump "is a dangerous, divisive Hitler who will cause everyone who is NOT America to hate and shun America", or you believe that "this kind of Mexican-agitator-invader illegal alien violent horde is exactly why we need to build the wall and move everyone whose last name ends in "z" on the other side of it".

Trump, for his part, was dismissive of the riot outside. "Get em out of here."

Meanwhile, one of his Super PAC consultants very publicly quit, writing to XO Jane and elsewhere (and it quickly went viral) that Trump's campaign is a Frankenstein monster. The idea behind it was to get relatively cheap publicity, build up Trump as a business brand, and give him plausible reason to be able to weigh in. That he'd come second, but put in a good showing, and have some kind of political capital to weigh in on politics, same as Herman Cain has. That what actually happened was that Trump ended up winning, it's going to his head, and he is WELL over his head but because of arrogance and pride and "Trump never loses" he's going to run down the country in pursuit of the Presidency now that it's within his grasp and to please please please vote someone else in.

Meanwhile on the Democrat side of things, Hillary Clinton in some media markets is being referred to as the nominee. They might as well call it, Sanders has to win 99% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination, and that's going to be the same percentage chance of failing this goal, given New Jersey is coming up. The Clinton campaign has moved on. Bernie Sanders has invited her to a debate in California and she has declined. Firstly because she does poorly in debates and does far better in town hall meetings - and secondly, because this constant pressure from Sanders has made her have to pivot to the left and in order to beat Trump, she's going to have to show her true colors and start pivoting to the right - and she can't do both in the same week. This is further angering the Bernie people, they've been basically completely dismissed. "Your votes going on forward don't matter - and I have more important things than to explain to you why you need to vote for me." Trump in his own speech said "the game was rigged against Bernie Sanders from the beginning, and I'm going to get his votes." He may very well be right.

One problem she has is that the memes are sticking. Ted Cruz became El Rato, and "Crooked Hillary" is very very "sticky", especially with some of the campaign twists. Remember before she went to West Virginia she campaigned against coal, saying she'd be proud to put the coal industry out of work. Naturally when she showed up in West Virginia gladhandling for votes, she was rather surprised that they didn't love her with open arms. Faced with hundreds of people barely making ends meet in a part of the world where coal mining is the only industry outside of meth production and moonshining, she switched her accent more towards her Arkansas Southern drawl, and backtracked hard. "You see, what I meant was..."

And again, in the age of the Internet, being the kind of person who says whatever is politically expedient at that moment is no longer a viable strategy. People notice that she switches accents depending on her audience. They notice that she'll say marriage is between a man and a woman ONLY one minute, and drape herself in a Pride flag the moment the political tides turned. One minute she's referring to young black men as superpredators that she'll "bring to heel" (starting the private prison industry) and then panders to black Americans by.... get this.... revealing that she carries a bottle of "hot sauce" around wherever she goes, because you know - she's just like you, she likes her some hot sauce on her food, yes indeedy suh! "Cringe" doesn't go far enough to describe this in 2016.




I have gone from singing once concert a year with Rainshadow Chorale to three concerts. Rainshadow had two concerts this year, the first conducted by Rebecca Rottsalk and the second by Gil Seeley. The third is with the Summertime Singers and will be on July 28, Thursday, and will be a Mostly Mozart concert, conducted by Colleen Johnson. We will be doing: Mozart Vesperae solennes de confessore

Mozart laudate pueri Brahms Let Nothing ever grieve thee The stars are with the Voyager (warning: earworm) Let everything that hath breath Jeffery L. Ames

and possibly some other pieces.

My sight reading skills are getting better and better. I just love to sing.

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