It Saturday night, yep that is right, and I am feeling all right. All systems are go for launch.

Did someone say they were going for lunch.

Tehehe. You a funny man but it takes a special person to understand you foo.

I do not have a single clue to what you are talking about my good sir, do you care to elaborate?

Magic String, yep, that is right, Magic String. What does Magic String do you ask? Well, Magic Sting dances of course. No batteries required. Outdoor use only, or perhaps in front of a fan if you are working with a full deck.

Full deck, aah phooey, I just want half of one. I will water it and it will grow in to a full one eventually. Just give it time.

That cannot be true.

Yes, of course that is true. Well, at least that is what my grandma tells me, and everything your mom says is true, so that means everything Grandma says, is double true. Therefore, it must be to the second power true.

A Scooby-doobie-doo.

Well… Where are you?

My thoughts are filled full of Psychiatry wards and people whom are said to be made of cedar boards with sealed medical records and fake doctors trying to score drugs swept from under the rugs, the ones that will lay them out stone cold, a la mode, on the floor, hardcore status. Give me; give me some more young lass.

Poor, poor old man standing in the rain, it looks like you have reached the end of your chain waving your cane at the passer-bye’s, you let out a sigh in despise at the very sad sight, that very thing flung from among the herd of half a dozen half-ton motorized tin cans was what resembled a mars bar but was actually a piece of cotton soaked in tar, charred on one end.

Do you hear that ringing? Oh wow. Yep, yep. That is me, I just rang my own bell. My bell has been rung.

I ain’t feelin’ it any moe. My hair is greasy, maybe the ideas are just sliding out? I think I am going to shower for about a quarter hour. Do not wait that long to read on, this is only an estimate.

Where the fuck are you? It has been three days.

I am just kidding, it still Saturday, but seriously…

I have been here, there, but not everywhere.

Substantial proof of a living extra-terrestrial human alien with blond hair and blue eyes and little gray servant clone genetic misfit, or what have you.

There are many parallel dimensions, and within this quite mundane tangent of the multi-dimensional universe in question, there may be some kind of ultra-terrestrial being no one of our kind has ever seen before and it is possible that we never will see again afterwards.

Sorry to bust any bubbles, or shatter any misconceptions you may have had about me, I guess I am just not that cool.

Actually, I don’t have the time or patients for that shit anymore.

I just do not have that much time in the day. I will learn to work more and sleep less in due time. It just takes a while to build up to that kind of hyper-awareness without a significant traumatic event as the cause. I have already developed paranoid schizophrenia in the last quarter century of life from watching cable television, so what more do you want from me.

Hope it’s nothing, because I don’t see anything as wrong, so I am not going to change.

Maybe it is because I a crazy guy already. You never know (/end Russian accent)

Advertisement for movies dive me crazy, don’t they drive you crazy?

You should never trust the information coming from Hollywood, and never trust anyone in Hollywood. They chew you up and spit you out, but that’s another story maybe one for when I am not on strike. But let me tell you what, Hollywood doesn’t care, she is selling you a lie. It is big business selling people lies. Just imagine men, your wife lies to you for absolutely nothing. Remember though, it is because she loves you, of course, or she would be extorting more money out of you with every one of her lies.

I blame the movies; they are filling our heads with ideas that anything is possible. Wait where was I?

I have been struggling to find the right words lately. Do you thinks maybe that something may be wrong with me?

Nah, right, I mean I am with in the standard deviation. What is the allowance for people like me, about an eighth of an inch, right?

I think we’re good.

I was about to submit this little addition but felt it was a little premature. It is only topping out right now at 870 words.

Call me a Shallow Hal, but I like sumbit-ing long ass writes where you are like damn this boy is long winded, he sure can ramble on for hours. I just have not felt it of the late. I think it is because I am growing ever more tiresome of the constant daily struggles against the evils in society.

I am a leaky faucet. I keep dripping my ideas out during the day. I need to keep the reservoirs filled to the tippy-top.

Oh yeah, no we don’t stop.

(abruptly stops and goes to bed.)

Or did I? I could have just started working on something else.

Makes you think doesn’t it, everything you read might not be true. It is all a bald-face lie.

I wonder where that one comes from, the old bald-face lie. Alternatively, there is the possibility I am just making this shit up. It is now something written.

I can hear everybody’s brains working overtime on this one but I already have the answer.

A reference is just more shit written that supports the writer’s lie.

Nice, is it not, it is a cop-out because it is an unbeatable fallacy, much like everything there is to read.

Look at us writers filling your people’s head’s with lies.

On the other hand, everybody needs sleep. People go crazy and die without sleep.

He does sleep, right? I hope he sleeps. That would be freaky even if he only slept a little, like a catnap here and there, like that one dude in City Slickers, Curly. I hope he is not a Curly. That dude freaked me out, and how he somehow returned from the grave in the second one still freaks me out, in a very humorous way.

Those writers, they are a crafty bunch.

Once I crunched and munched a bunch of crunch and munch for lunch and was punched because it was actually diner and I ruined my appetite. Depressing is not, it is not because it is just another lie in a room filled with them.

Little white ones and they’re everywhere.

And, I do mean everywhere, they are not just bound to the written word they are projected into the air, and if too many fill the room you may become temporarily blinded and the feeling of asphyxiation is possible. If left untreated serious cases of dementia have occurred.

Ok what am I at here? I am in debt and this month is already nine days in, hold on for some quick pencil to paper old school arithmetic, man, it has been ages since I have had to carry over the thousands place while subtracting. It is a good thing I had a calculator on my computer, or I wouldn’t have figured out how to do it again if I had not seen the answer. So 39,749 words behind from last month, and now only, I guess I will be, what, three g’s behind this month. That is assuming I will make 1,500 before I dictate the end of this one.

So, that is forty-two thousand, seven hundred and forty-nine words to go after I write one hundred and sixty-five more words, approximately.

Don’t forget tomorrow is a new day, bud.

Si, senior, but this reminds me of a little tune, it goes a little something like this...

You write sixteen hundred words of shit, what do you get, another day older and deeper into debt.

Or, I might be wrong, the song could be completely different. Those old songs do not get played very often. It is rather sad, that this new generation of mud bound losers, do not appreciate anything old. All they want is the newest this or that, and we all are products of these damned times, which makes for an even sadder future. What will we become without heritage? I Do Not want to live to find out, I will tell you that right now.

That is it man, I will tell you what, I am going commando this summer.

I actually do not have enough gall for that one; you know, that is one of those impunities that should not go unpunished.
Why do you think letting your lizard air out is almost unanimous with an elite soldier who carries only what he needs? Where is the connection in that one? Am I blind, because I just don’t get it. I think that maybe these commandos would have shed the underwear to avoid any nasty rashes from popping up in the field with wet briefs rubbing their junk all day.

Well, that is why I wouldn’t where (I know terrible pun, can’t help it) any underwear if I was a commando.

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