A character from the Marvel Comics universe. He first appeared in Warlock and The Infinity Watch #16.

He first appeared on Monster Isle and tried to kill Adam Warlock. However, a blast from the soul gem stopped him. After waking up from this blast, Maxam could remember nothing of why he came or where he came from. He discovered that he had massive strength due to a mass-building ability. He even went toe-to-toe with Drax the Destroyer and Thor on some occasions. Several attempts were made to remove his memory blocks, but they all failed.

When Gamora quit the Watch, Maxam received the time gem. This was what brought back his memory. Maxam was one of the few survivors from an alternate future that had been destroyed by the Magus. Since the Magus was Adam Warlock's possible future self, Maxam had been sent back to kill Warlock so the Magus would never have existed.

Upon remembering, Maxam once again tried to kill Warlock. Using the mind gem, Moondragon made Maxam think he had succeeded in this, so he disappeared, presumably back to his own time. He has not been seen since.

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