It was her fucked-up heart, had to die. It was her good-humoured creature into the physically fragile, Id backwards oh, how I’d watched it FREEDOM’ in grea slipped.’bbling down her chin. I could tell that she had, and the milk trickled to the very centre of her perfectly still chew what was going on, and I held her neck a little tighter for a while.

It was for the best.

I still feel hollow. Somehow. Somewho. Shmesho. Shmmmsw. Ssssss.


1. noun A traveling cloak traditionally worn in the Scottish Highlands, generally of gray and with a plaid pattern. It traditionally refers to a cloak of comparatively poor quality. Maud may be generalized to any 'traveling-rug' or warm wrap made of a dull gray plaid cloth.

2. proper noun A common shortening of the name Matilda; the spelling Maude is more common in America. Famous Mauds include Princess Maud of Wales (later Queen Maud of Norway), Maud of Savoy, the SS Dronning Maud, and the titular Maud in Tennyson's Maud and other poems.

Maud (?), n.

A gray plaid; -- used by shepherds in Scotland.


© Webster 1913.

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