Motorcycle built by MZ. One of the first motorcycles produced by the reborn MZ, the Mastiff is based around a 650cc four-stroke five valve single cylinder Yamaha Raptor engine. It has supermotard styling, though it is not as radical as the offerings from KTM and CCM. It makes a good bike to ride every day, and is very reliable. Being very upright, narrow, and tall, it is an excellent bike for riding through traffic, though does not fare so well at high speeds.

Mas"tiff (?), n.; pl. Mastiffs (). [Mastives is irregular and unusual.] [Prob. fr. Prov. E. masty, adj., large, n., a great dog, prob. fr. mast fruit, and hence, lit., fattened with mast. There is perh. confusion with OF. mestif mongrel; cf. also F. matin mastiff, OF. mastin.] Zool.

A breed of large dogs noted for strength and courage. There are various strains, differing in form and color, and characteristic of different countries.

Mastiff bat Zool. , any bat of the genus Molossus; so called because the face somewhat resembles that of a mastiff.


© Webster 1913.

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