A Masterfight, or the art of Masterfighting, is a specialized duel, usually to the death.
If your opponent challenges your honor to the extent that you would kill him in order to reclaim it, you may challenge anyone, at any time, to a Masterfight, provided the following stipulations have been met:
  • Neither you nor your opponent have lost a Masterfight.
  • Both the challenge of honor and the challenge to a Masterfight must be made in public.
A Masterfight is measured by honor. Additionally, the victor assumes all remaining honor the defeated had left. Losing a Masterfight means all of your honor is taken, and you can never take it back. Masterfights must also initially begin in public. In short, a Masterfight never happens if no one sees it start. Any witness to the challenge may also judge the Masterfight to be dishonorable. A Masterfight may not be fought if no honor can be won or lost over it. A judge may also deem a Masterfight acceptable as well as tell them to take it outside.
You win the Masterfight if:
  1. Your opponent falls into any body of water large enough to soak him.
  2. OR
  3. You kill your opponent
You may do anything else to win.

Time Limit
If for any reason, (be it exhaustion or unanticipated separation etc.) a Masterfight stops without a winner it MUST continue the very next time the opponents meet. If a Masterfight does not end, it goes on forever.

*Edit: Author's Note: This was just an idea I had, I thought it was funny

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