Lyfyr Taliesin XLIII Marwdnat Dylan Eil Ton
Taliesin ae cant

AN duw uchaf dewin doethaf mwyhaf aued
Py delifmaes pwy ae swynas ynllad trahael.
Neu gynt noc ef. pwy uu tagnef ar redyf gefel.
Gwrthrif gwaftradt gwendyn awnaeth gweith
gwythloned. Gwanu dylan. Adwythic lan. treif
ynhytyruer. Ton iwerdon. Athon yanad. athon ogled.
Athon prydein toruoed virein yn petwared.
Golychafi tat duw douydat gwlat heb omed.
Creaddyr celi an kynndyf ni yn trugared.

Translation by W. F. Skene:

43. The Elegy of Dylan, son of the Wave
Taliesin sang it.

One God Supreme, divine, the wisest, the greatest his habitation,
when he came to the field, who charmed him in the hand of the extremely liberal.
Or sooner than he, who was on peace on the nature of a turn.
An opposing groom, poison made, a wrathful deed,
Piercing Dylan a mischievous shore, violence freely flowing
Wave of Iwerdon, and wave of Manau, and wave of the North,
And wave of Prydain, hosts comely in fours.
I will adore the Father God, the regulator of the country, without refusing.
Creator in Heaven, may he admit us into merry.

Iwerdon: Ireland
Manau: Isle of Man
North: Scotland
Prydain: Britain

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