Ontario's Silicon Valley with snow is the best way to describe Markham, a community located northeast of Toronto.

With a population of 190,000, just north of Toronto, the Town of Markham is an award-winning community. Known as the high-tech capital of Canada, there are over 750 high-tech companies among its more than 6,000 businesses. Markham is home to more than 65 cultures and languages, making it a diverse, exciting place to live and work.

Markham's population has exploded over the last decade, swallowing acres of farmland that I remember picking berries on as a kid...

2 player arcade game from 1981 from Sun Electronics. It used a Z80 CPU. The objective of this side scrolling game (which can be emulated with MAME) is to topple (or rather, sink) a military base in the south pole.
The weapons available to you in this mission are forward firing missiles and a beam gun (maybe a laser?) that shoots down and forward.
The military base cannot be toppled without extensive use of the beam gun.

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