Mark Evans is a character in the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling.

Important note: Rowling has recently told fans that Mark Evans isn't an important character. Still, this node might be interesting!

In book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, we learn that Dudley beat up a ten-year old boy called Mark Evans. Further in the book, in the chapter Snape's worst memory, James Potter calls Lily "Evans". In interviews Rowling stated that Evans was Lily's maiden name.

Now, Harry Potter fans think that if Mark Evans has the same name as Harry's mother, they are probably related. Different fans believe in different theories, here are a few:

  • Harry and Mark are brothers. I personally think this is impossible as Mark Evans is 10 years old, and as Lily died 14 years before this was said, Mark would have been born 4 years after his mother has died, which is impossible.
  • Harry and Mark are cousins. There are two options to interpet this:
    • Mark Evans is Petunia Dursley's son. I think this is wrong because if this was the case:
      • Harry and Dudley would have seen her pregnant, as they were 5 years old then.
      • Mark's last name would have been Dursley, not Evans.
    • Mark Evans is the son of an uncle of Harry's which we do not know of yet. I think this is not correct because we would have met this uncle and Mark already. This is unless Petunia is in bad relationship with him (possibly because he liked Lily). Here's a great option for speculations!
  • Mark is something further away from Harry, like a second cousin, which is what I believe.

The 6th book's title is most probably going to be "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". Some people think Mark is who "Half-Blood Prince" is referring to.

Another important thing to think about is the fact that Mark Evans is 10 years old, meaning in Book 6 he will be 11, and if he is a wizard he will be going to Hogwarts.

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