It's funny how it all happens, isn't it? One night he is railing amphetamines, alone, because he can't perk up by himself. The next night he is in his friend's bed, curled in a four-dimensional blanket of coloured tulle confetti.

He doesn't call anyone by their proper name because he believes that words are for meaning - meaning which names are without. When he thinks of tonight it's all about sweat and Camel cigarettes, and the coarse fabric in which he and his friend were webbed together.

And the sound of a riot stampeding through his house's halls, but it's merely another Thursday night party, because college students make strange neighbours.

When he walks on home, the snow has frozen hard enough that he can walk right on top of it, flying thirty-six inches above the earth. It's all blue and brisk and dry like her kiss, an unstable kiss, and it's funny how that all happened, and how it all happens.

It's Friday, time to set off on a journey. This time, I'd explore the neighborhood while robo-tripping!
Several online guides suggest dosage levels based on plateaus. Having experienced the first plateau, I picked the second this time at 2.5-7.5 mg/kg, at 3.4 mg/kg

body wt ~= 244 kg
15 mg/ml DXM in generic syrup
55 ml dose

1/ 244 kg * 55 ml * 15 mg / 1ml = ???
1 / 244 * 55 * 15 = 3.4 mg/kg

My experience:
time notes
4:15 PM Start with 55ml (3.4 mg/kg)
4:30 PM Begin having a floaty, distracted feeling
4:45 PM
5:00 PM My head feels pleasantly numb, and I board a bus headed to to an Indian grocery about a half hour away on my Passage to India
5:15 PM I'd packed my MP3 player with a new folder of music including Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion. Its reverberating, repeated themes were intriging as rows of fence posts flew by. The other bus riders, once overlooked, were now more interesting. Where were they coming from? Where would they leave the bus? By the time I arrived at my stop, it was harder to stand or walk and I wished I was still on the bus. My main concern was forgetting what I was there to do, and getting lost without remembering how to get home. Fortunately, I would never be that far gone during the whole trip. I missed one stop and had to walk to the minimall, which required crossing the street. In my fuzzy state, I didn't want to get hit by cars while standing in the road, so I hit the cross signal and waited for the cars to stop. I walked slowly to the Indian grocery store, the destination of my journey. There, the rows of spices in identically sized boxes mesmerized me.
5:30 PM The bus trip was a bit baffling, since I don't usually head out this way. Later on, I was impressed and confused by the extravagant spice varieties at Indian and Asian groceries. After I shuffled into the Indian grocery, it was hard to concentrate on the spice mix boxes. They were each the same size, and had the same background color. I wanted to get at least a handful of them, each different. It wasn't so easy to read them. Usually, I would check the labels to make sure they had different ingredients. "did I look at this one before? Which ones am I holding? Wait, is that the same kind as the others? The foreign text in multiple languages complicated this task. Then, there were were bags in the bargain bin. Score! Their mostly unlabeled transparent bags made selection easier, since different mixes had different colors.
I'm coherent enough to pay for my selections, and don't want to burden my pockets with more jingling coins. I grab the coin purse that holds my bus pass, along with a $20 bill. When the clerk totals my bill, I let him know that I have exact change for the part leass than a dollar. I'm moving slowly now, and count out the coins. He gives a puzzled look at the handful of change, and seems to be double-checking. "Whoops," I imagine, "did I count that correctly?" With a nod of the head, he confirms the amount as correct and opens the drawer to hand me my bills. I'd counted correctly.
5:45 PM I leave the Indian grocery and continue wandering unil I find an Asian grocer. I think, "how do I get inside? Whoops, this is just a window." The tightly arraged rows of small bags and cans make it easier to stay standing, since I can reach them with either hand and hold them for support if needed. I don't buy anything here, but a package of dried soybeans for $1.03 looks intriguing. Other customers try to crowd past me in the narrow aisles, holding on to their childrens' hands to keep them from cutting loose in this overstocked store.
6:00 PM More wandering around the strip mall. Physical exertion is tough now, since I'm having difficulty with balance. Walls and railings guide me gently towards the bus stop.
6:15 PM A sizzling feeling starts in my head, and moves around my body. What's going on?
The schedule on the sign was incomprehensible, It had strange codes and times printed that I didn't recognize. These were probably arrival times for other routes that stopped on the route. Time to ask for help instead. I ask the a lady who arrives at the bus stop whether my route stops here, after considering which words to use. She says yes, reassuringly.

6:30 PM bus ride home numbed, distracted, withdrawn. is this the dxm or hunger kicking in? I didn't walk as much as usual, so its probably the dxm and nothing risky. I'm anxious for a while, but this passes after considering that its probably dxm peaking. during the whole trip, my anxiety was generally lower than normal. I didn't care so much about little things that bothered me, like not being in specific places at specific times according to my schedule.
6:45 PM I arrive home, and babble gibberish while taking a bathroom break for about 10 minutes. Something about ninjas, and their "dingy fingers." Walking and balancing is much harder, I feel like staying seated instead. Fortunately I'm safe here and not at risk of getting lost.

This second plateau was heavier than the first. I wouldn't do it again, at least not without having a bigger lunch and maybe picking more music to carry along. Going along with another person would have been better, at least for the emotional support. The ethnic groceries were a good choice, they were simple activities but different since they sell things I can't find anywhere else.

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