Nodegel Weekly #4
Week of Mar 18 - 24

/me misses grundoon already

Nodegel Weekly will return next week, noders. *hugs*. *more hugs*. Be well. --Mike K

Hey. So, a long long time ago I was being a jerk somewhere maybe in a writeup maybe catbox ( which this app tells me I really meant "carbide") and grundy sent me this private message that said my face needed either a punch or a snog. If cancer had a face I would punch it.

Guys I have been having a good deal of mental probs lately, more than I'm willing to discuss actually, and I have difficulty remembering some stuff but I have never forgotten when grundy told me I needed a punch or a snog, and that was like ten years or more ago.

I have had perfectly harmless crushes on many of the ladies around here because I grew up around here and I have no intention of letting a silly thing like passing away get in the way of this particular crush.

Hi guys. Love you.

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