Jeff Noon (Vurt, Pixel Juice), always becoming more experimental in his prose-makings as time evolves, has created an alternative world for composing fiction with Steve Beard. This world is called Mappalujo. This project is on-line, which is just super-fantastic. This is the type of production and execution that I wish someone would pay me to do.

From the website:
"Welcome. Lujo is a world a short distance from your own, and a few days adrift. It is a land filled with restless ghosts, and haunted stories. Travellers are invited to pass through the gateway. Here they will encounter the various domains and cultures of this realm; its rituals, maps, technicians, modified organisms, and media archetypes. These singular entities reveal themselves through a collection of narratives, songs, programmes, reports, poems, and other documents, all taken from the spell book of Mama Lujo, the operational deity of the world."

The literary piece is presented in a Flash manner, which is a little iffy for the Linux users. But the text itself is doubtless some of Jeff Noon and Steve Beard's best.

Like everything some things (pictures) are linked to encyclopedic information. As of this writing, the first five chapters are present.

Mappalujo is edited by Hayley Ann and designed by Peter Pavement. Consult the website for a description of the writing game itself, as I don't know if Jeff Noon would appreciate its posting here.

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