A creature created by Piers Anthony in his trilogy Man and Manta. They are a lifeform which has evolved from fungi on another world. They have the ability to move at extremely high speeds, have a very sharp and precisely striking tail, and they are highly adaptative to their environment.
They lack senses as humans would define them, but instead have a single large eye aperture which detects not only light and radiation, but vibrations and wavelengths/frequencies assoociated with sound, smell, and even natural phenomena. Upon death, they have the ability to spawn into millions of spores that may reproduce on contact with other spores.

They are known for their excellent skills at fighting and their great intelligence. They developed a method of communication with certain humans using tail snaps.

Man"ta (?), n. [From the native name.] Zool.

See Coleoptera and Sea devil.


© Webster 1913.

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