A form of Gnosticism, but I don't consider it a separate belief. The other prominent form is Cainism.

The Manicheans reject the Physical universe. They say that the true God, their God, would never lower himself to mess around with matter. (sounds like Deism, eh?) The God who created the world, God, Jehovah, they call Panurgia, which has the connotation of a blind force than an intelligent being.

The realm which their God inhabits is pure spirit of pure light. Hence, he is always called the light-bringer, and this universe we're in now is called the realm of darkness. Manichean thought sees the world in terms of Good and Evil; which is analogized to light and dark.

Of course, a lot of this is mentioned in the Illuminatus! trilogy which says that in World War III, the nuclear war would generate enough light to illuminate the realm and Immanetize the Eschaton(look it up).

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