Of course, neither mango or avocado are really Japanese. But they are being used here in a manner appropriate for a Japanese meal.

This should serve six.

What You Will Need
3 mangoes,
3 avocados
3 kyuri (Japanese cucumbers) or 1 English cucumber
3 scallions
zest and juice of 1 lime
fresh white pepper
sesame oil

What To Do Now
Cut the mangoes in half, avoiding the fibrous centre and large seed. Turn the skins inside out and score the flesh and then slice away from the skin into a bowl. Cut the avocados in half and twist to separate from the seed. Put the blade of a knife into the seed and twist to remove it. Score the flesh inside the skins, then slide the edge of the knife blade between the skin and the flesh and turn into the bowl. Dress immediately with the lime juice to prevent discolouration.

Slice the cucumber in half, seed, and slice into paper thin crescents. Chop the scallion whites roughly. Sliver the greens into 2 or 3 inch thin fronds. Reserve the slivers for garnish and pop the chopped white ends into the bowl. Season with freshly ground white pepper, shoyu, and sesame oil. Toss very gently and garnish with the scallion slivers.

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