If you could have anything, what would it be? Me, what do I want? I want to save humanity from itself.

When I sit down to write, I have with one thing on my mind lately, and that one thing is very troubling to me. I believe in the deepest part of my heart that this world has gone soft. People are not the tough old goats they once strived to be, they are now dependent of technology; stuck eating our pudding cups in front of the glowing mysterious talking box. I, myself, have this dependency, and find myself feeble as the rest. This sickens me. I wish for change, I want real change; I want retroaction. I want to find my animalistic past; I want to know I can survive without the pack protecting me. I also want to know all members of the pack can survive when alone as well. I think of the old adage “we are only as strong as our weakest link.” It fits perfectly into the concept, and failure to live by this could seriously be our downfall.

We, the modern age, are a bunch of big blubbering babies waiting for our next god damned feeding so we can suckle on the giant nipple society has provided for us. We are then coddled in our favorite blankets and told fairy tales to pass the time, because if we knew the truth everything thing would come crashing down. The sky would fall, society would crumble, and every lie ever told would become irrelevant. Without this precious tit, we would make way for the next best adaptation to the current environmental conditions, and would slip out of god’s mind in a nanosecond.

Take every gizmo and do-hickey sitting around your house not being used, all those figurines and knick-knacks, the air compressor, the video game console, and that god damned bread-making machine. It makes you think, “Are our struggles real, or has someone created the illusion in order for us to feel like we have a purpose?” Wake up, go to work, and then buy stupid, useless shit; is that what makes us happy, pictures of cute cuddly puppies delivered on a smartphone?

Some of you might think of me as being cold, but cold is what many of you will feel without the energy to run your heaters. Cold is what you will feel right before you discover God was an alien playing with our genetics and Heaven never existed. Cold is what you have become to the strangers living on the street and the people you love, because you can buy the newest gadget that allows you to turn off your brain for a second so you can be free from all your problems.

We need to focus on but one path, and should know every pothole, every obstruction down to the smallest pebble. Create a plan or map out the route, and then face the adversity head on. Then do this for every possible path and obstacle that may lie in front of us. If we did this, we would establish equality and abolish poverty while providing security and freedom for all.

Pacified by the idea of what is considered a good life, some people have forgotten how privileged they actually are and are living a hypocritical life, because really, how fucking liberal can one person claim to be, and still allow people to go without what we call the basic amenities of life. If anyone of us had a spine, we would lend a helping hand, but we are too weak to care. Do we have not but the strength to save only ourselves from despair?

No, we must come together for the greater cause by being more independent.

What it all comes down to is, stop the excuse-making, stop the “I can’t help but to feel sorry for myself” bullshit, and do something about it. Whatever your weakness, fight through it and be proud when, in the end, you have succeeded. Whatever you do, do not think you can buy the answer, or money will fix your problems. It is about working your ass off to get what you want. Do not expect for someone else to solve your problems for you as well, because in America a long time ago it once was discovered nothing is free and everything had to be earned, from the pompous bigotry to the frivolous waste.

In laymen’s terms, man up, pussy.

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