A line of Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex cameras that are the primary competition to the Rolleiflex for (relatively) inexpensive used MF equipment. The Mamiyas are heavier, bulkier and possibly less pretty (depends on your taste - I'm very fond of them, but I'm mostly an industrial landscape photographer, so my sense of aesthetics is admittedly questionable)... but they all have interchangeable lenses: a serious advantage over the Rolleiflex.

All Mamiya TLR cameras use the 6cm x 6cm format and 120 film. Some of the later versions accept 220 film as well.

Lenses in the Mamiya C line:

  • 55mm f4.5
  • 65mm f3.5
  • 80mm f2.8
  • 105mm f3.5
  • 135mm f4.5
  • 180mm f4.5
  • 250mm f6.3

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