A mock title given to a person who thinks himself important.

The term was first used in the play Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Moliere. A man trying to gain approval for marriage from his girlfriend's father disguises himself as a Turk, and offers to bestow this invented Turkish title on the father of the girl as a mark of honor. The father, being a vain and shallow man, is fooled by this flattery.

The word was used through the 18th century to ridicule a person who pretends to have merit, but it has since fallen into relative obscurity.

Recently, the title was given to a 128', superfast luxury sailing yacht. This boat can be chartered for around $45,000 per week. Its something of a mystery to me why a marketer would name a quality, high performance yacht a title that is intended to mock a person for being pompous, vain, empty and shallow.

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