(Noded with C64!)

MagicTable is a word processor for Commodore 64. I don't know much of its authors or even the company that published it, or even its real name, but at least my copy has something quite interesting in it...

I found this from a software collection "Tuttocomputer/Games 2", bunch of programs translated to Italian. God knows if this thing is a real deal or if this is just a crappily translated bunch of warez. I hope the company that really made it don't mind that I use it...

Either way, it's a neat program. It can edit normal SEQ files.. and can do formatting with commands.. like the one used with this document when I printed it:


This would set left margin to 5 and right to 60.

As a curious feature, it has something called "decimal editing mode":

122323123232314.11230323                          2

No.. I don't know what I did, I just pushed number buttons! =)

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