An "attraction" at the Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld, near the Dumbo ride, Lumiere's Kitchen, and the merry-go-round in Fantasyland. I put attraction in quotes, because, well, it's only an attraction if you need to get a quick half hour nap in.

It's a movie, but you can't see what it is while you're outside. You go in, and it's somewhat like the Hall Of Presidents at EPCOT's American Pavilion, but not as big. Then, the movie starts.

Oh, dear God, it's awful. Imagine a half hour of music that sounds somewhat like Nadia's Theme, but is ten times more horrible. The accompanying visuals are no better. Butterflies and dandelions and the like. After a half hour of this, I looked like Jack Nicholson at the end of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Oh, the memories... creeping back... make it stop...

There is not a single ride or attraction in the Magic Kingdom worse than this. I must stress this point, as I don't want anyone to suffer the same fate that I did. You have been warned.

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