Mage Knight consists of 9 warring factions. The back page of the comic book that came with my Mage Knight starter pack listed them as Atlantis Guild, Elemental League, Necropolis Sect, Black Powder Rebels, Orc Raiders, Knights Immortal, Draconum, and Shyft. There is also the Solonavi faction, which is mysteriously absent from said list. Accompanying each faction name is a few words on their importance in the game:

"The Atlantis Guild lies at the center of the Atlantean Empire. Enhanced by Magestone, their magical Technomantic weapons power their campaign to maintain the Empire's dominance."

"The Elemental League, founded by Elven mages, is a powerful alliance of Elves, Centaurs, Trolls, and Dragons who wield the magic of living essence to fight to protect the natural beauty of the Land."

"The Necropolis Sect, with its armies of vampires and zombies, uses the magic of the dead to rule the living, feeding off the death and destruction of the rebellion."

"The Black Powder Rebels are a coalition of Humans and Dwarves who have survived slavery in Atlantean Magestone strip mines. Using gunpowder weapons and steam-powered tools and vehicles, they struggle against the tyranny of Atlantis."

"The Orc Raiders sweep down from the northern steppes each year, plundering the Land. As the chaos of the Black Powder Rebellion spreads, the Orcs see a new opportunity to murder and pillage their more civilized neighbors."

"The Knights Immortal are the Elven elite, charged with a mission to protect their mountain stronghold from invaders. Who-or what-they protect is a mystery."

"The Draconum are wandering warriors with a spiritual mission: to evolve to a higher form through combat. Their interests in the conflict of the Land remains an enigma."

"The Shyft use their empathic powers to manipulate the Mage Spawn for their own purposes. Stealthy and sly, they hide away in ruins that dot the landscape and wield their power from afar."

You may have noticed the I capitalized the word "Land". Well, I looked on the Mage Knight website at and 'the Land' is in fact the name of the continent that Mage Knight takes place on. If you would like to know more about Mage Knight, check out the website or the Mage Knight node.

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