Warriors Of Fate is an arcade game made by Capcom (This game was sold in Japan under the name of Tenchi Wo Kurau II - Sekiheki No Tatakai). It was produced in 1992. This is a 3 player side scrolling fighter very similar to Final Fight, (but with a Samurai feel to it). You get to choose from 5 characters, (Ponton, Kaggar, Subutai, Kadan, and Adaka). This game has several different ending depending on your skill level.

This was the sequel to Dynasty Wars,and is quite a fun game overall. It has a similar feel to all the other Capcom side-scrollers, so if you have played Knights of the Round or Dungeons and Dragons:Tower of Doom, then you will be able to jump right into this one.

One big change from the other fantasy Capcom scrollers is the fact that you ride horses in this game. This keeps the game from being a mere "Ninja Version" of Knights of the Round. Of course your horse is nearly superhuman, and has no problems running backwards for long periods of time.

Warriors of Fate is a CPS-1, Jamma compatible game, and it uses 2 suicide batteries, (one on the QSound board, and one on the C board). Luckily the arcade hackers out there have figured out how to revive a dead board using 2 new EPROMs a C board from a non suicide game, and a standard Z80 to replace the custom one. Quite a lot of work just to use something you paid for in the first place.

The Jamma board to this game looks like a big giant Nintendo cartridge, the very end of it has the standard Jamma connector, and some stereo plugs. This is a perfectly wonderful design, as it protects the PCB from damage. Not to mention the fact that it makes storage a breeze, since you can just stack them with no fear of incidental damage. But one has to wonder why Capcom would make such a high quality boardset for a game that self destructs in 5 to 10 years anyway.

You can play this game on several emulators. I personally know that Callus and MAME both support this title perfectly, and the game controls wonderfully with a standard PC gamepad.

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