Dr. Mae Carol Jemison (b. October 17, 1956 - )

First woman of color to go into space.
Inducted National Women's Hall of Fame in 1993
Spent 6 years with NASA as an astronaut.
Fluent in: Russian, Japanese, Swahili, and English


Born October 17, 1956 in Decatur, Alabama. Family moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was three. She is the youngest of three children.

At 16, became a scholarship student at Stanford University where she earned a BS in Chemical Engineering and an AB in African and Afro-American Studies in 1997.

Earned a Doctor of Medicine, Cornell University Medical College in 1981. Joined the Peace Corps as a medical officer (in Cambodia and Africa) for a number of years, and then worked as a General Practitioner (doctor) in Los Angeles, California.

Joined NASA in 1987, in 1992 was a mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Endeavor mission (STS-47 Spacelab J flight) September 12, 1992 where she conducted experiments in life sciences, material sciences, and a bone cell research.

Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College (1995-2002). She currently works in private industry.

Her autobiography is Find Where the Wind Goes: Memories from My Life and is written for a teen-aged audience.

Has earned a large number of awards.

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Official web site: http://www.maejemison.com
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