Dubbed 'The Most Dangerous Man in Britain' by two Home Secretaries, Francis Davidson Fraser was born on the 13th of December 1923, and grew up in Waterloo, London. He and his sister, Eva started their life of crime at a young age, stealing from handbags and pickpocketing. His parents never knew about his illegal activities, and if they ever suspected him apparently turned a blind eye, a habit which Fraser claims actively encouraged him to continue.

He soon progressed from petty theft to bigger things, and at the age of 16, Fraser robbed a jeweller in London's King's Cross and was sent to Borstal, which he claims was the beginning of his violent ways. During his first stint inside he tried to drown a prison officer in the bath, and was regularly fighting with guards and fellow inmates. This behaviour earned him his nickname 'Mad' Frankie, which was helped by the fact that he's been certified insane by prison authorities, three times, and once by the army during the Second World War.

He worked for Eddie and Charlie Robinson, in their South London 'Torture Gang', where he was known as 'The Dentist' due to his penchant for extracting a victim's teeth with rusty pliers. He was also good friends with The Kray Twins and their father Charlie.

At 21 he killed for the first time. His victim was a fellow gangster, named Eric Mason, with whom he had had a row. Mason's remains, which had been dismembered with an axe by Fraser, were found behind the London Hospital wrapped in a blanket. In total the Metropolitan Police think he has killed up to 40 people, but he has only ever been convicted of 2 murders.

Now in his 70s Frankie has been 'straight' for the last twelve years, earning money with his autobiography, and his coach tours around 'Gangland London' alongside his girlfriend, Marilyn Wisbey, daughter of the Great Train Robber Tommy Wisbey. He has been convicted of 26 crimes, and has spent a total of 43 years inside.

Editors Note:

On November 21,2014, Fraser fell critically ill during leg surgery at King's College Hospital, Camberwell and was placed into an induced coma. On November 26, 2014, Fraser died after his family made the decision to turn off his life-support machine.

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