A semi-popular board game based on cards (it is really a card game) and one big 6-sided gangster die. The object is to build a gang, open businesses, make money, and kill off the other gangs using such tactics as Drive-By's, Bombs, Assassinations, and Massacres. Excellent fun for all ages!

It starts by having each player begin with 5 gang members. Some are stronger than others, some can hold more businesses than others, and some are more loyal than others. You select a gang leader who should be able to hold businesses, be a bit strong, and be quite loyal. Then he gets a bodyguard, through which most attacks have to go (except Bomb and Massacre, which can take out both).

You get seven cards in your hand at a time, of those may include money, businesses, attacks, attack modifiers, and new player cards, which give you another member. Other cards include Strikes (causing certain businesses to be out of commission temporarily), Lawyers and Judges, which can help against various things, FBI and IRS, which can wreak havock on your gang, and Informants, who can spoil attacks or get other people to change gangs, depending on their loyalty.

There are several ways the game can be won, decided upon at the beginning. You can win by killing everyone else, you can win by going through the deck once and being the richest, or you can make up some other kind of ending.

It is a great game. If you like card games, or board games, this is an enjoyable game to try. You role-players out there would dig this as well.

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