A really excellent off-line newsreader for Mac OS by Stefan Haller.

MacSOUP has the best thread handling of any newsreader I've seen, in the form of a London Underground style map of the thread, that makes it so easy to work out where you are, and who replied to who. It's really pedantic about all the Usenet conventions such as .sig separators an' such, so you never have to worry about offending anyone through no fault of your own. Makes full use of Internet Config, Apple's system wide Internet settings API. And it's full of nice little touches like highlighting replies to your own posts. The only thing it lacks is binary handling, but for individual binaries, it's easy enough to save the article as a .uue file and pass it through Stuff-It Expander. The name comes from it's support for SOUP packets, which were used for downloading news from BBSs for off-line reading.

I really hope MacSOUP gets Carbonated.

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