People stricken with MS have a support group called the MS Society. This society runs fundraisers with the aim of helping out MS patients. Money goes to motorized wheel chairs, and other benefits.
One of the fundraisers that is done is the MS 150. I participated in one sponsored by the Allegheny Chapter. I was surprised to find out that these are done elsewhere in Pennsylvania. I'm not sure if the MS 150 is put on anywhere else, but it is in Pennsylvania.
The MS 150 is a bike trip that covers 150 miles in a weekend. The Allegheny Chapter runs from Cranberry, PA, to the shores of Lake Erie at Caunneaut Lake, OH. The trip is a fundraiser, not a race, and that makes it more fun. The only competition is against yourself.
The MS Society really takes care of the bikers. They have tons of food, energy bars, they run cars along the route to pick up people who are having trouble, and they plan out everything so it goes off without a hitch.
The best thing about the MS 150 is the feeling at the end. As I biked along the streets of Caunneaut Lake, there were MS patients lined up along the road. These people where cheering for us as we finished up the last of 65 miles on the day, 150 on the weekend. Seeing the people I was helping face to face took away all the pain and filled me up with a sense of accomplishment. It is something that I can't really explain.

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