"Mint In Mint Box". Term used for collectibles that are in absolutely perfect condition, and come with an original box that is also in absolutely perfect condition. Often seen on auction sites such as eBay, and other market places where collectible items are sold.

Often on places such as eBay, where serious collectors share space with less serious ones, terms such as "mint" are overused however, and any item that looks rather good and comes with a box that's not too beat up may be labelled as MIMB. The term should (originally at least) really only be applied to items that are absolutely flawless in every way, and of course almost nothing is, but since it's easier to sell things that are "mint" usage is now more liberal.

This can create problems for buyers because among (certain) serious collectors mint is still mint, and it can be difficult to determine the "true" grade of an object if the pictures aren't really good (and they rarely are).

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