M.M. (Mary Margaret) Kaye is an author famous both for her adult novels and her children’s fiction. Born in India in 1911, she remained there for much of her childhood and early married life. She writes under the names M. M. Kaye, Mollie Hamilton, and Mollie Kaye.

Many of Kaye’s books are set in India. Her husband was a soldier with the British Army, and M.M. Kaye followed the drum for nineteen years, to such places as Kenya, Cyprus and Egypt. She kept meticulous notes about all the places she lived or visited, and used them as the settings for her murder mystery novels.

Her most famous books are the historical novels “The Far Pavilions” and “Shadow of the Moon”. Her mystery series includes “Death in Kenya”, “Death in Zanzibar”, and others along the same theme. Her most well known children’s book is an unusual fairy tale: “The Ordinary Princess”.

Kaye is multi-talented. She is an accomplished artist – illustrating many of her own books as well as those of other writers. She has written radio plays and edited other works. M. M. Kaye currently lives in Sussex, England, and celebrated her 90th birthday in 2001.

M. M. Kaye’s novels are listed below in series or categories:


  • The Sun in the Morning
  • Golden Afternoon
  • Enchanted Evening
  • Historical novels:

  • The Far Pavilions
  • Shadow of the Moon
  • Trade Wind
  • Suspense novels:

  • Death in the Andamans (also published as (APA) Night on the Island)
  • Death in Berlin (APA Death Walked in Berlin)
  • Death in Cyprus (APA Death Walked in Cyprus)
  • Death in Kashmir (APA Death Walked in Kashmir)
  • Death in Kenya (APA Later Than You Think and It's Later Than You Think)
  • Death in Zanzibar (APA The House of Shade)
  • Other novels:

  • Six Bars at Seven
  • Strange Island
  • Wound of Spring
  • Children’s stories:

  • Black Bramble Wood
  • Gold Gorse Common
  • Ordinary Princess
  • Potter Pinner Meadow
  • Thistledown
  • Willow Witches Brook

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