An emacs command which inserts a bunch of politically sensitive words into your current buffer. I suppose the original intention was an attempt to trigger something like Echelon. I really doubt the NSA is stupid enough that their software could be fooled by this, but it's fun nonetheless. M-x spook might also give some insight into Richard M. Stallman's paranoia.

Back at high school I had a habit of e-mailing any computer based work from home to school. When our Computer Studies teacher revealed that a new email filter had been installed, my evil mind got busy. I quickly subverted M-x spook in my copy of emacs to produce a list of sexually charged words instead of the usual spy stuff. I added a block of these words to the end of every email I sent to myself or others at school. After about six months of this, I was called to the headmaster's office. He presented me with a stack of 2000 printed pages - neatly laser printed copies of every email I had sent, including the uuencoded attachments. Apparently, the MCSE who installed the filtering software set it up to print every piece of mail with banned words in it. It had printed about 50 pages of slightly raunchy mail and a handy free hard copy record of 6 months worth of my email.

Best of all - they didn't remove the stuff that wasn't mine from the pile of printouts.

M-x spook's output typically looks something like this:
terrorism 9705 Samford Road Albright eavesdropping Freeh Baranyi DES
number key Dateline satellite imagery clones ANC COSCO basement ASPIC

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