A 'lung gun' is a piece of agricultural equipment, one of the most horrifying mechanical devices ever to be sold on the open market. Lung guns are designed to remove the lungs of poultry as the final stage of giblet removal, whilst the chicken is still on the kill line. The guns achieve this feat with a powerful vacuum. The operator inserts the gun into the throat of the animal, pulls a trigger, and thwup!, the lungs are sucked out, and disposed of.

This device was a minor hit on the blogs in April and June of 2002, and a picture of a lung gun, the 'Jarvis LKE-1 Pneumatically Controlled Lung Gun', can be found here:

Jarvis' macabre product range also includes gizzard peelers, hog stunners, semi-automatic neck breakers, and the wonderful, horrible pig's head splitter:

One can only hope that the Mafia does not get hold of this kind of equipment, or that chickens are not discovered to house the reincarnated souls of deceased loved ones.

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