The Lulu Blooker Prize is the the creation of Bob Young, founder of "the world's fastest-growing provider of self-publishing technology and services", and is a literary prize awarded in respect of the best blooks of the year. In this case a blook, which is a neologism derived from the words 'book' and 'blog', is defined as "a book with content that was developed in a significant way from material originally presented on a blog, webcomic or other website".

Fairly obviously, as the organisers admit, the adoption of the term 'Blooker Prize' is "an affectionate nod to another important literary prize". Eligible blooks must be in English, and strangely enough, although the content must originate from an online source, it has to end up as an old-fashioned printed and bound book. (No e-books allowed.)

The prize was launched in 2006 to coincide with the 450th anniversary of Gutenberg's invention, and is awarded in three categories of non-fiction, fiction and comics; each category winner receives the sum of $2,500, one of whom is selected as the overall Winner and receives an additional US $7,500.

The judges for the 2007 contest were Paul Jones, acting as chairman, Arianna Huffington, Rohit Gupta, Nick Cohen, and Julie Powell who was the overall winner of the first 2006 prize. The overall winner for 2007 announced on the 14th May 2007 was Colby Buzzell, an American soldier who wrote a blog detailing his experiences in Iraq, until it was shut down by the US Army.

Past Winners

Blooker Fiction Prize Blooker Non-Fiction Prize Blooker Comic Prize Blooker Prize - Overall Winner

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