I have something to add, but I think it might best be expressed through song.

"Lucy in the Dirt at Hadar"
By Old Man Grumpus, AKA GojiraDeMonstah

{I actually recorded a country version of this if anyone wants an MP3}

Australopithecine, girl you are lookin' fine
Mother of the Homo line
And Robust Boisei too!

Australopithecine, woman put your hand in mine
We'll get your bones back into line
With some epoxy glue

Well don't fret if you are a little slow
Your cranial capacity is low
And bipedality is in your genes
Ever since the days of Miocene

Girl, you are one of us
Sit in the front of the bus
You little southern ape!

Now who's version do you trust?
Come along, don't make a fuss!
You made the Leakey's gape

Your dental arcade *almost* hominid
The diastema you will soon have rid
Your premolar is not sectorial
Your pelvis shows you weren't arboreal! No!

Repeat chorus 1

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