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I feel kind of put on the spot here, but maybe a good short version of events is as follows:

I live in Austin, Texas, USA and am not a redneck as far as I can tell. I have a house with some palm trees in the yard that I try to keep alive during the harsh Texas summer and equally harsh Texas winter. I don't hate any group of people except the French, and even them I'm willing to hear arguments for. Oh, and roofers.

When I was a young-un' I wanted to play geetar and be a genius rock star, but things didn't work out and I became a software developer. I know lots about computers and languages and crap, and I have discovered that one's knowledge about such things are exponentially disproportionate to his sexual desirability by the opposite sex.

And but so also I still play guitar and pretend to be David Lee Roth in a Van Halen tribute show when I'm not hacking code for clients. And, since at one point in my life I was desperately in love with a Brazilian actress I also kind of speak Portuguese and have a heartfelt / heartbroken appreciation for South American culture. Plus, I am fixin' to get my next belt in Tiger/Crane Kung Fu in addition to being well versed in Chi Kung.

I have extensive fun, weird, and smart family members, whose individual resumes are available upon request.

I am in love with my current girlfriend's dog who is a Weimaraner named Lu.