Lucas Jennis (aka Lukas Jennis (sic)) is best known for the alchemical and philosophical texts that he published, despite great personal risk during a fairly intolerant time in the late 1500's to early 1600's. In fact, it appears to almost be the only thing he was known for. He was considered to be one of the greatest book engravers of the time. When you see a several hundred year-old drawing dealing with occult, religious, or philosophical subjects, the chances are extremely high that it came from the House of de Bry, Matthieu Merian, or Lucas Jennis. Most published emblem texts of this time were published, or at least republished and edited, by Lucas Jennis at his house on Main, in Frankfurt, Germany. He was almost certainly a member of the Rosicrucian movement during that time, though I could not find absolute confirmation on this.

Very little can be found about the Jennis family. His widowed mother married into the de Bry family, for the most part merging the two houses. Those whom knew Jennis considered him to be a very charitable and likeable person, with a near unmatched talent for making illustrative book plates. He was intimately acquainted with many noted alchemists and philosophers, such as Basil Valentine, Nicholas Barnaud, Johann Daniel Mylius, Daniel Stolcius, Robert Fludd, John Dee], and Michael Maier. Michael Maier (a prolific alchemical author himself) often published with him.

Lucas Jennis is credited with publishing the following titles:

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