Robbia, Luca Della, an Italian sculptor; born in Florence in 1399 or 1400. He designed and executed between 1431 and 1440 10 panels of "Angels and Dancing Boys" for the cathedral. Another great work by him was a bronze door, with 10 panels of figures in relief, for the sacristy of the cathedral, made between 1448 and 1467. He sculptured, in marble, in 1457-1458, the tomb of Federighi, Bishop of Fiesole. His name is closely associated with the production of figures in glazed or enamelled terra-cotta, made by a process which, though he did not invent it, he yet perfected greatly. He died in Florence, Feb. 20, 1482. His principal pupil was his nephew Andrea (1435-1525), who worked chiefly at the production of enamelled reliefs, retables, and medallions, these last for the most part productions of the "Madonna and Child." His son Giovanni (1469-1529?) continued the activity of the family in this style of work; his best productions are the frieze, representing the "Seven Works of Mercy," outside a hospital at Pistoja.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

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