Over the years I've spent on the net, I've seen quite the assortment of couples expressing in horrifically cute manner how much they love each other.

You have your warm fuzzies, your flirting, your heavy cyber in the flirt room, your flirting in the cyber sex room, etc. You have mind shredding exchanges of passionate fluff in the babble room.

In the chat rooms: that one, oh so special couple with the colors on their text that serve only to blind through the sheer power of color to clash as nothing has clashed before, and yet, the room scrolls before our suffering eyes with the fruits of their labors...

And here I am, a number of years into the process, and finally rather solidly in love with somebody.

I could kind of imagine, a bit, before, just what it was that caused these people to perform these attrocities before us all.

But now that I'm in, well...I know I was wrong.

No fuzzy, lovely greeting or exchange could ever equal what I feel for her, neh? And why would I cheapen that link by attempting to perform it in a chat room somewhere?

No words, no title, no expression will ever mean as much as being able to just look into her eyes, and know that she's looking back.

And that we both want to keep doing so.

Nothing else compares. We chat, we exchange emails, we run up the phone bill. But it's the knowledge of each other that truly holds us through the night...beyond words, beyond lust, beyond touch.

So go ahead, let the world know. But if what you have is truly so meaningful that you can make it known in a chat room, in public...Then what do you truly have when you can't say, write, express anything?

At home, at night, in the dark...I know. Beyond names, beyond expressions. I know. And I fall asleep, holding in my mind that I will also wake up...knowing.

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