An indie rock band based in the San Francisco bay area. They've got a very clean, fun sound with a good beat that doesn't overwhelm the melody. I'm reminded somewhat of Barenaked Ladies.

Love Is Chemicals consists of:

Nathan Grover used to be in a band called The Sugarcoats which got a lot of local acclaim and earned quite a following. He taught his wife Courtney to play the bass, and they started off a band called Chemistry Set. Their drummer left them, however, and they then got together a brand-new band with Greg and Steve.

They just put out their first record, a 6-song EP called Lucky Me, Lucky Mud. Nathan wrote all the songs, but for their next release Greg will contribute as well.

They don't plan on getting signed with a record company, instead continuing to distribute their own CDs, build a local following, and an internet presence.

Their (very red) web site can be found at and all their songs can be downloaded from there.

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