Love & Sex was a romantic comedy released in 2000.


Written and Directed by Valerie Breiman.

Kate Welles, played by Famke Janssen, is a beautiful young journalist who has to write an article about relationships. This causes Kate to reflect on her troublesome love life. She has been with over a dozen men, and none have worked out at all, except for Adam. Adam, played by Jon Favreau, and Kate were great together. The happiest times of their lives were spent with each other, but they also helped each other struggle through some tough times. However, Adam decides they should break up.

The pair begins to date other people. Eventually Adam finds that the woman he loves is Kate. Unfortunately for Adam , Kate does not feel the same way. She believes she has found the love of her life. Adam tries everything he can to get Kate back, but to no avail. The two separate 'for good' because Adam just cannot take only being friends with Kate.

The movie wasn't all that exciting, kind of slow moving. I enjoyed the story though. I think the underlying idea behind the movie was a good one, but it could have been portrayed a whole lot better. But, the actors did a decent job on the movie. Basically, there are better movies out there, but if you have some time to kill and want to watch a modern love story, this one is a good bet.

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