Domed stadium in New Orleans, LA. Primary tenant is the New Orleans Saints team in the National Football League; other regular events include Tulane University football and the Nokia Sugar Bowl game. Seats roughly 78,000 for football; holds the world record for indoor concert attendance with 85,000 for a Rolling Stones show.

The Superdome was originally conceived as one-upsmanship to Houston with its Astrodome; the original idea was to lure a major league baseball team to New Orleans with it, and one of the things they still brag about is that you could fit the Astrodome inside the walls of the Superdome. The baseball team never came, but the Superdome's schedule is so full that clearing 81 dates for home games would be impossible anyway, so everyone is satisfied.

Also hosts NCAA tournament basketball games and has hosted the men's Final Four in 1982, 1987, and 1993, and will be the site of the 2003 Final Four. Movable stands allow the dome to be "compacted" for basketball.

The Superdome was the site of the Super Bowl in 1978, 1981, 1986, 1990, 1997, and will be the site in 2002.

Groundbreaking was in 1971 and the Superdome opened in 1975.

The seats are arranged in a mosaic of colors. This is so during a quick camera pan of the stands, it gives the illusion of being more full than it actually is. (This and other fun tidbits which I forget can be heard during tours of the Superdome which are given on weekdays).

The Superdome's downtown, within walking distance of the French Quarter/Bourbon Street.

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