Louise Elizabeth Nurding was born on the 4th of November, 1974 in Lewisham, England. The only daughter of parents Tim (a builder) and Lynne - she has two brothers, Joe and Sam. Louise is a house-hold name in the UK and known for her "girl-next-door" style, blonde-ish/brown hair, blue eyes and stunning good looks.

Having trained at the Italia Conti Stage School, her career started in a successful all-girl band called Eternal (signed to EMI) Easther and Vernie Bennett. Despite hits like "Stay" and "Save Our Love" in 1993, Louise went solo.

Her first solo single was "Light of My Life" which was followed by "In Walked Love". The success of both singles prompted the release of her debut solo album, "Naked", containing other successful singles such as "Undivided Love" and "One Kiss From Heaven".

During the success of Naked, Louise performed in a suggestive outfit (no, not as her album title implies) on Top of the Pops, which could have reinforced the fact that her looks and sex appeal had something to do with her success. But once 1997's "Woman In Me" and hits like "Arms Around the World", "Let's Go Round Again" and "All That Matters" were released, all suspicions of Louise's success were dispelled.

Louise then took a 2-year hiatus, but in that time period, she married Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp (something her and Posh Spice have in common), and gained much recognition as one of the UK's hottest stars. Louise was named Second Sexiest Woman On the Planet by Sky Magazine in 1996, won Top Lass in Melody Maker, and 3 awards in the Smash Hits Poll in 1997 for Best Female Singer, Best Dressed Female and Most Fanciable Woman. FHM named Louise the Second Sexiest Woman in 1999.

Finally, after a much-anticipated return to the music scene, Louise released her third album, Elbow Beach (named after the golden stretch of sand where she spent her honeymoon and "First Kiss (The Wedding Song)", "Bed Time" and "In Our Room" are all dedicated to the joy of sex and being married), in 2000. It also contained the smash hit, "2 faced", which has been re-released several times as a club mix.


  • Albums
    • Naked
      CD Number: CDEMC 3748 (56:21)
      Highest UK Chart position: Number 7
      Release Date: 24th June, 1996

      Track listing:
      1. Naked (3:34)
      2. In Walked Love (3:55)
      3. Light Of My Life (4:17)
      4. The Best That You Bring (3:50)
      5. One Kiss From Heaven (4:05)
      6. Thinking About You Baby (3:38)
      7. Discussions (4:02)
      8. Undivided Love (3:48)
      9. Back To Love (4:42)
      10. Never Too Late (4:05)
      11. Goodbye To Love (3:23)
      12. That's The Way I Like It (3:40)
      13. I'll Fly Away (4:32)
      14. I Gave You My Love (3:39)

    • Woman In Me
      CD Number: 821 9032 (68:49)
      Highest UK Chart position: Number 5
      Release Date: 6th October, 1997

      Track listing:
      1. Arms Around The World (4:10)
      2. All That Matters (3:40)
      3. I Pray (4:55)
      4. Lets Go Round Again (4:01)
      5. Woman In Me (3:49)
      6. Trust In You (5:12)
      7. Reminds Me Of You (3:59)
      8. Shut up And Kiss Me (3:40)
      9. Healing Love (5:13)
      10. When Will My Heart Beat Again (4:26)
      11. New York Moon (4:25)
      12. Happy Love (4:14)
      13. Who Do You Love (4:09)
      14. Don't Be Shy (4:52)
      15. Running Back For More (3:46)
      16. Love Will Bring You Back To Me (4:16)

    • Elbow Beach
      CD Number: 5276142 (PM520) (45:29)
      Highest UK Chart position: Number 12
      Release Date: 31st July, 2000

      Track listing:
      1. Beautiful Inside (3:42)
      2. First Kiss (The Wedding Song) (3:30)
      3. 2 Faced (3:42)
      4. For Your Eyes Only (3:23)
      5. Egyptian Queen (4:50)
      6. The Best Thing (3:40)
      7. Bedtime (3:27)
      8. That's What Friends Are For (4:25)
      9. Take You There (4:39)
      10. City Box Fix (3:03)
      11. In Our Room (4:03)
      12. Lost (3:03)

  • Singles
    • Light Of My Life, 25th September, 1995
    • In Walked Love, 4th March, 1996
    • Naked, 27th May, 1996
    • Undivided Love, 19th August, 1996
    • One Kiss From Heaven, 18th November, 1996
    • 'Soft & Gentle No Sweat' Tour Promo CD, date unknown
    • Arms Around The World, 22nd September, 1997
    • Lets Go Round Again, 17th November, 1997
    • All That Matters, 23rd March, 1998
    • 2 Faced, 17th July, 2000
    • Beautiful Inside, 30th October, 2000


  • http://louise.brigatti.co.uk
  • http://www.louise.uk.com (official site)
  • http://www.louiseonline.com
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