What can I say about this early Soundgarden album (1990), as usual Kim Thayil has created a fine mix of raw-heavy, and yet, beautiful guitars with the insane, but metronomic drums of Matt Cameron and to tie it all in, the beautiful cries of Cornell. This album is obviously based heavily around some inspirational jam sessions and that's what gives them their magical groove.

Here are the tracks:

Ugly Truth 5:26
Hands All Over 6:00
Gun 4:42
Power Trip 4:09
Get On The Snake 3:44
Full On Kevin's Mom 3:37
Loud Love 4:57
I Awake 4:21
No Wrong No Right 4:47
Uncovered 4:30
Big Dumb Sex 4:11
Full on (Reprise) 2:42
There are several fairly interesting pieces of trivia associated with this album. First is that the original title of the album was to be "Louder than Fuck", but A&M decided that a title like that probably wouldn't push the album's sales very well.

Also, immediately following the recording of this album, bass player Hiro Yamamoto quit the band in favor of what he called "a real life". We're sure he's still kicking himself today. He was replaced for a short time by ex-Nirvana guitar player Jason Everman, before the man who would stay till the end, Ben Shepherd, joined the band.

The second-to-last track on the album, Big Dumb Sex is a direct assault on the glam-metal bands that were popular before the arrival of "grunge".

There's also a picture on the inside of the CD cover of the whole band. It's a pretty humerous picture considering that Kim Thayil looks exactly the same as he does now (ZZ Top-esque beard included), even though the album came out well over a decade ago. Matt Cameron hasn't changed much either, but in an interview (I believe it was for VH1), when shown the picture, Chris Cornell exclaimed, "my God! I look like a little girl!" He does, too.

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