A late 60's to mid 70's Lotus sports car.
They are really pretty ugly, almost as bad as the Lotus Elite. It has a mid mounted in-line 4 (cylinder) Renault made engine. 1470 to 1565 cc and produced between 80 and 105 bhp (twin cam or special). The earlier ones were 4 speed manual, synchromesh, and later twin cams were 5 speed.
Maximum speed (special): 110mph (123mph) 0-60 in 9.5 seconds and 6.6 seconds for the special.
Possibly more interesting to note is the average fuel consumption of between 25 and 31 miles per gallon.

A really, really neat British sportscar. Pretty much a street-legal race car, but in the British, nimbly-handling tradition, and not the American high-horsepower tradition.

The body is fiberglass, and the car is impossibly low and small.

Manufactured by Lotus when it was still headed by Colin Chapman.

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