A Chess variant where the goal is to lose all your pieces or get mated. There are various variations on this variant (quite an alliteration there), but the most common versions are:
  1. Classic loser's chess:
    • Pieces move as in regular chess.
    • If you can capture, you must, but you can choose between all the possible captures. (En passant capture is included - it is a legal capture in chess).
    • The king cannot be captured and cannot move into check
    • Castling is allowed with the same rules as in regular chess.
    • The player to move wins if:
      1. he is checkmated
      2. he is stalemated
      3. the king is the only piece he has left

  2. Giveaway Chess (also known as Suicide Chess):
    • Same as above, moves are regular chess moves and capturing is compulsory, but you can choose between options.
    • The king plays no special role. It is just another piece. So if it is taken, nothing exciting happens. If it can be taken, it is, and it can move into check, etc.
    • As a king is a normal piece, pawns can promote to kings.
    • If castling is allowed here, the castling rules dealing with check are ignored (there is no check in this game).
    • The player to move wins if:
      1. He has no pieces left
      2. He cannot move any piece / all of his pieces are stalemated.

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