Los Alamos Study Group (“LASG”) is a non-profit, research-oriented, nuclear disarmament organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

LASG is a community-based organization and therefore its focus is on enivronmental protection, social justice, and economic sustainability. In New Mexico, where the first atomic bomb was developed (at Los Alamos) and tested (at the Trinity Site in the Jornada del Muerte near White Sands) one of our local concerns has a global significance. New Mexico is the home of two national labs (Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory) and a host of other facilities for nuclear weapons research, testing, production and stockpiling.

LASG has researched, investigated, publicized and litigated a number of problems with nuclear research and weapons development, including environmental contamination, waste storage, and security problems.

LASG participated with 38 other community based organizations in the Natural Resources Defense Council’s lawsuit involving the United States Department of Energy's program to manage radioactive waste and the cleanup of environmental contamination caused by nuclear weapons production. The lawsuit was settled on the condition that DOE would provide a $6.25 million technical assistance fund for communities affected by the cleanup program as well as an Internet database providing access to information on the progress of the cleanup.

LASG Billboards

LASG’s most visible public outreach is in billboards around the state. If you fly into New Mexico for a convention, or to visit tourist destinations such as Santa Fe, you will see one or more of these. They all refer the readers to www.lasg.org.

New Mexico:

  • No. 1 in nuclear weapons
  • No. 1 in poverty


Welcome to New Mexico: America’s Nuclear Weapons Colony

New Mexico: World Capital of Weapons of Mass Destruction


LASG Homepage: http://www.lasg.org/hmpgfrm_b.html

LASG Billboards: http://www.lasg.org/billfrm_b.html

Nuclear Stockpile Stewardship Lawsuit: http://www.nrdc.org/nuclear/9812doe.asp

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