A popular name given to young Bolshevik boys.

Lorierik is the only the most egregious of constructed first names to come out of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. It is an acronymn for "Lenin, October Revolution, Industrialization, Electrification, Radiofication, and Communism."

Other notable examples (with English translations):

Arvil -- armii V.I. Lenina (army of V.I. Lenin)
Dalis -- da zdrast'vuyet Lenina i Stalina (welcome Lenin and Stalin)
Delezh -- delo Lenina zhivet (the work of Lenin lives)
Erlen -- era Lenina (the era of Lenin)
Istmet -- istoricheskii materializm (historical materialism)
Vilorik -- V.I. Lenin, osvoboditel' rabochikh i krestian (V.I. Lenin, liberator of workers and peasants)

Sure beats the hell out of Dylan, if you ask me.

For more interesting examples, see http://russie.citeglobe.com/prenomsinv.htm.

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